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          1. Our Bio
            Established in 2008, D&J Global Communications is one of China??s leading tourism marketing and planning organization with headquarter in Beijing and companies across the country in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong and Macao. In 2015, we found our first overseas company in Madrid, Spain, headquarter city of UNWTO. As of end of 2018, we have partnerships with 15 provinces, 100 plus Prefecture-level cities in China, as well as 30 plus world destination countries and cities.
            Our Expertise - We Focus On Chinese Tourism & Lifestyle Market
            1. Insights on market and marketing trends focusing on Chinese tourists
            2. Building a tourism and lifestyle bridge of trade and economic exchanges , expanding China??s services import
            3. Channeling physical investment of Chinese capitals in overseas projects in relevant industries
            4. Strengthening tourism communications between China and the world, enhancing the overall growth in both inbound and outbound tourists market through strategic marketing
            5. Strengthening the strategic partnership between Chinese and world twin cities, promoting the deep integration and synergistic development of both cities
            6. Implementing the Belt and Road policy via culture and tourism cooperation
            Our recent world tourism projects
            ?? Tourism Industry Development Overall Plan in Heilongjiang Province 2019-2025 (UNWTO, 2019-2020)
            ?? Ice and Snow Tourism Overall Plan in Heilongjiang Province (UNWTO, 2019-2020)
            ?? International Tourism Marketing Strategy in Hainan Province 2018-2025 (UNWTO, 2018-2019)
            ?? Tourism Industry Development Overall Plan in Shandong Province 2016-2025 (UNWTO, 2016-2017)
            ?? City Tourism Diagnose in Yantai City (Shandong Province), Leshan City (Sichuan Province) and Nanping City (Fujian Province) (PATA, 2014-2016)
            ?? China Overseas Inbound Tourists Marketing Strategy (CNTA, 2014-2015)
            ?? China Marketing Strategy for European Tourism Commission (ETC, 2014)
            Our Founders
            Mr. Johnson Jia
            UNWTO expert
            Secretary general of PATA Chinese Expert Committee
            Vice President of Chinese Hispanic Tourism and Culture Association
            Vice President of UK China Culture Association
            Honorary President of the Macau Travel Agency Association
            Honorary President of the Macau Cultural Creative Industries Association
            Taipei Cultural Ambassador
            Chinese Media Advisor of Canadian Ontario Government
            Ms. Daisy Wang
            UNWTO expert
            Figure of Innovation, Examples of Chinese Woman in Tourism 2018 Co-founder and Partner, Spain China Tourism Association (ATEC) Adviser of public relations for Scandinavia Tourist Board
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